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James Oesch Architectural Photographer

Embassy Residence

Washington, DC

Complete Renovation and Major Addition 

The goal of this project was to completely renovate and expand this historic building to provide a new modern ambassadors residence with appropriate living and entertaining facilities

Design Services:

  1. Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

  2. Schematic Design Service

  3. Design Development and Construction Document Services (Including Project Manual)

  4. Permit Assistance Services

Design Features:

  1. Completely rebuilt front porch

  2. All new finishes, mechanical and electrical equipment and fixtures

  3. Rebuilt windows

  4. New residential kitchen and breakfast room addition; and separate commercial kitchen for embassy entertaining

  5. New Music room with bar, terrace and landscaping

  6. New faux grained finishes

  7. Renovated garage and staff apartments

  8. New master suite

  9. New formal office for the ambassador

Project Team:

  1. O’Neil & Manion Architects P.A.

  2. Fernandez & Associates Structural Engineers

• Garden Gate Landscaping Inc.

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