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Private Residence

Palm Springs, California

Major Renovation 

The goal of this project was to completely renovate an old palm springs house, and provide new insulated glass windows, and all new finishes, fixtures and equipment.  The entire building was renovated, and the existing lower level was underpinned and the basement excavated.  Improvements included a new kitchen, open to the family room, new added windows, sand blasted and and stained heavy timber roof structure.

Design Services:

  1. Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

  2. Schematic Design Service

  3. Design Development and Construction Document Services (Including Project Manual)

  4. Permit Assistance Services

Design Features:

  1. New insulated glass doors and windows

  2. New stairs and stair rail

  3. New kitchens and baths

  4. Expanded living areas

Project Team:

• O’Neil & Manion Architects P.A.

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