Additional photos of this project:

Maxwell Mackenzie Architectural Photographer

Private Residence

Montgomery County, Maryland

Renovation and Major Addition 

The goal of this project was to add a bedroom and playroom upstairs, and on the main level, to add a new kitchen, new side entrance with a mud room, a rear deck, and a family room that looked into the rear yard.

Design Services:

  1. Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

  2. Schematic Design Service

  3. Design Development and Construction Document Services (Including Project Manual)

  4. Permit Assistance Services

  5. Bidding and Negotiation Assistance Services

  6. Construction Administration Services

Design Features:

  1. Cove Lighting That Uplights The New Family Room Heavy Timber Trusses And Decking Roof Structure.

  2. Remodeled Bathroom

  3. Mechanical and Electrical Systems Were Upgraded.

Project Team:

• O’Neil & Manion Architects P.A.

• Guldu Fernandez.- Structural Engineers

  1. CT Camp Construction

“Seamless integration of existing and new...nicely proportioned spaces...brings the character of the porch residential project”-  Maryland Society/AIA Jury

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