Technology, Laboratory and Healthcare Projects

NIH, National Institutes of Health

Bethesda, Maryland

Radioactive Processing and Hazardous Chemical and Explosive Holding Facility

(Building 21- 12,000 SF)

Design Services:

  1. Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

  2. National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) Design Review and Approval

  3. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Review of Proposed Approach

  4. Schematic Design Service

  5. Design Development and Construction Document Services (Including Project Manual)

  6. Bid Period Services

  7. Client Representation During Project Closeout

Design Features:

  1. Underground Vault for Radioactive Waste Holding Tanks, Viewable from Above

  2. Chemical Analysis Laboratories

  3. Chemical Waste Holding with One-pass Air

  4. Explosive Waste Holding with Blow-out Panel and Protective Earth Berm

  5. Phased Construction Allowing Existing to Remain in Use Until First Phase is Constructed

  6. Innovative Encapsulation of Existing Radioactive Waste Facility Tanks After Demolition

  7. Receiving and Shipping Areas