Technology, Laboratory and Healthcare Projects

NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt, Maryland

Chemical, Gas and Laser Laboratory; and Satellite Tracking Computer Facility

(Building 2 Addition- 30,000 SF)

Design Services:

  1. Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

  2. National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) Design Review and Approval Assistance

  3. Schematic Design Services

  4. Laboratory Planning Services

  5. Design Development and Construction Document Services (Including Project Manual

  6. Construction Administration Services

Design Features:

  1. Laser and Gas Propellant Research Area

  2. Vibration Isolated Foundations for Experimental Laser Equipment

  3. Fire Detection and Suppression for Content (Including Flammable Archive)

  4. Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Facility with Separate Grounding Field

  5. Stand-by Power, UPS and Diesel Generators

  6. Redundant Laboratory Exhaust Systems

  7. Laboratories Designed to Contain and Direct Explosions

The Team Assembled for This Project Included:

• O’Neil & Manion Architects P.A.

• Mendoza Ribas- MEP Engineers

• Guldu & Fernandez Structural Engineers

James Oesch Architectural Photographer