Additional photos of this project:

NIH, National Institutes of Health

Bethesda, Maryland


Computer Visualization of Phase 3

Design Services:

• Design Program (Discovery and Definition)

• Schematic Design Services

• Design Development and Construction Document Services  (including Project Manual)

• Permit and Construction Administration Services

Design Features:

Improved ratio of rentable office space

• Upgrade of existing lobby

• New Lobby with Marble Finishes

• New Aerobics Facility

• Renovated Pool Facility

• New Weight Room

• New Conference Room

• New Child Care Facility

• New Life Safety and Accessibility Improvements

• New Wall Finishes

• New Lockers and Locker Room Finishes

• New Carpet

• New Special Wall Coatings

• New Heavy Duty Door and Hardware

The Team Assembled for this Project Included

• O’Neil & Manion Architects P.A.

• AEC Infosystems

  1. Pylot Studios

  2. Bill Lebovich Architectural Photography


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